Zack Logan

Zack is the founder of Reel Geeks Podcast Network and an educator who enjoys reading books, watching movies, and spending time with his wife, Destinee; and his two dogs, Finn and Kylo. He loves to discuss his passions with others and hear about their passions; therefore, Zack entered the podcasting world. Zack co-hosts Gin & Comics Podcast and Star Wars TV Talk.


John Murray

John is an internet content producer and co-founder of Spry—a digital marketing agency in Windsor, Ontario. John enjoys the sound of his own voice, Saturday Night Live, Star Wars, and podcasts. John co-hosts Star Wars TV Talk.


Ben Webb

Ben Webb is a quirky individual who enjoys reading, watching, and listening to both Geek and Pop Culture. One of his many aspirations is to be a professional entertainer which is why, like his co hosts, he entered the world of podcasting. Ben co-hosts Gin and Comics Podcast, and loves it!



Brandi is the tech of the Potterwise Podcast. A super proud Hufflepuff, Brandi embodies all the characteristics that Helga Hufflepuff holds dear. Her knowledge of the Harry Potter movies is a little scary. She also often listens to the Harry Potter audio books on her long commute. Her accomplishments include the almost successful creation of the Disorder of the Phoenix.



As the designer and the word witch of Potterwise, Jennifer often hides behind her big words and bigger ideas. She loves to read and had read the Harry Potter books so often it is slightly embarrassing, also has avoided watching all the movies because movie adaptations freak her out. As a Ravenclaw she is a bit eccentric and loves to answer riddles to try to get in the Ravenclaw commonroom, although she isn't great at it, don't tell her!